Could An Elastic Corset Modesty Panel Work? – A Discussion

Some corsets are made to have a Modesty Panel, which is fabric, that is placed behind the corset laces. The Modesty Panel is sewn into the handmade corset at one side. A Lacing Protector is a loose part, that also is placed behind the laces. Both the Lacing Protector and the Modesty Panel are used to protect the skin from the laces and metal corset eyelets and hide the liner or skin below when the tight lacing corset isn’t closed and has a gap.

Instead of using a Modesty Panel of fabric that is sewn to the corset at one side, I have had it suggested to try using elastic fabric/material that is sewn to the corset on both sides. This will reduce the risk of the Modesty Panel getting wrinkled when the laces are tightened and the edges come closer together.

When corset making, one concern is that the material can’t strecth/reduce enough, when the corset is wide and small laced in the back.

You can read more about Modesty Panels and how they are made, in the book: “The Basics of Corset Building”  pp.45-47.


basics of corset building
basics of corset building


I may have to try this out as I find it could be interesting. I will have to do a couple of corset sewing tests to see what I like.



To me this is only two different names of the same thing doing the same job. I want my lacing protectors to be loose and not sewn at all into the corset when corset making. I also want them to be a little stiff. It is almost impossible to get them wrinkle free if they are attached. Think about it you have the corset two parts you pull together if the lacing protector is loose it means both ends will glide over if it is loose and has some stiffness to it.  if it is attached you need to somehow push one side under and also working on the corset laces.

On some of my sewn corsets when corset making, the lacing protector has been loosed but been held in place by the laces both up an down. Sorry I can not explain it better. On my leathercorset my lacing protector is a loose piece  I push in under the laces after I have started to lace my corset smaller. This is not a problem as the protector is stiff just as the underbusk on a good handmade corset and is made to follow the shape of my back. So not just a straight piece. This also means when I lace it myself the laces will just glide over it and I never have any problems at all with my protector.

The idea I think only works if you have help to lace your corset.

Cleaning Your Corset & Oder Removal Sprays – A Discussion

“General cleaning of your handmade corset can be done by spraying your corset lightly with a product such as “Febreze”, and then hanging it by the laces over a chair railing, or a plastic hanger in front of a flat fan. Be careful to not spray specialty fabrics directly (such as velvet or silk brocades), but spray the inside lining of the corset. The less you dry clean your handmade corset, the longer it will last.
A corset liner is also a terrific way to keep your corset clean longer, and make it even more comfortable to wear.”


“As a corset maker I do not recommend the use of Febreze it will shortens the life of your corset they say, this I have also heard before from others. I do not know if this is correct or not I do not use it. I have handwashed my wasp creations corsets with success but only when it has been absolutely neccassary. When you remove your corset do not roll it up or stuff it away in a closet directly let it hang from the laces over a chair or outside. No direct sun on it and let it air out before you put it away. A corset you use as dailywear can hang like this over the night and it will feel much fresher for a longer time. And of course always protect your corset by wearing something under it.”


“I have heard that Febreze does weaken some fabrics, so I don’t use it on anything. I hand wash the corsets I make and I put them in a location where they will dry the quickest. With summer approaching I will set up a place in my storage shed as it will be warmer in there and this will dry them faster. I am almost afraid to wash my vollers corset as I know when I do the bones will rust (that is my fear). I do no worry about the corsets I make since I know my bones are covered to prevent rust.”


“To me Febreze smells very strange. It could give a rash to some people,aswell. I bring mine to the dry cleaners and never had any problems.”


“I agree as this is a chemical and many are allergic to these chemicals. Febreze on a long term also damages the bones :S “