A Waist Trainer In The Making

Recently Scarlett from CorsetTraining.net started a waist trainers video diary that we’ve been eagerly watching here. You can view the videos over on her ‘A WAIST TRAINERS DIARY‘ page. but seeing someone struggle to get familiar with corset training for the first time reminded us of our own journeys into waist training. So we’ve decided to put together some do’s and do not’s for all the new fledgeling waist trainers out there getting to grips with the concept of how to train their waist with a corset.

wearing a corset how to

  1. – First off make sure you season your corset (like Scarlett is doing) it will take you some time to go from no corset to happily spending 8 or more hows in one. A new corset too needs time to be broken in a few hours at a time. beautiful some insights on rational corsets tacticsAllow at least two weeks for this at a few hours a day of corset wearing. 
  2. – Don’t eat large meals. especially not with cold drinks. Cold drinks numb your stomach and stop you feeling full as quickly, but it will catch up with you. Wearing a corset when you’ve eaten more than is comfortable is not a nice experience and can result in needing to take it off. 
  3. – A waist trainer should not be washed regularly but rather protected with an under layer of clothing. Waist training corsets have steel bones in them, they are not meant to be washed or immersed in waterless absolutely necessary. Wear a specially designed corset liner underneath or tight fitting top of some description. Spot clean the outside with wet wipes or a damp cloth. 
  4. – Do not rush your body by training down too tightly to begin with, you should only go as quickly as is comfortable. 
  5. – Try to wear outfits that will not look odd or too revealing if your corset is removed when you go out. This is very important for beginners although we’ve all had that occasional day when it got too hot or we were too active or even just started coming down with something midway through the day and needed to remove our corset. That’s something you just can’t do if your out and say you’re wearing nothing more than a corset liner and an overbust corset!